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Title: thanks to KimKim -- sorry for late reply
Post by: Celeste on September 22, 2007, 11:36:28 am
This was on a board, here, many months ago ... I just found it. CB

Quote from: kimkim

Is it you who made the one woman show about adoption? I always read about you and wonder a bit about you. I am researching how to channel my feelings about adoption through music and theatre.

So nice to find you here.

Dear KimKim -- I apologize for not responding to this post!! I barely know how to get here, let alone find different topics ... lol. Anyway, yes, I wrote The Mothers Project and the poem Lost ... which Michelle posted here recently.

I encourage you to express your feelings about adoption, etc., through music and theatre -- what a wonderful gift to all! Again, sorry I just found this page/board ... Best, Celeste
ps. sorry, too, if I posted this in the wrong place ... I am guessing ... sigh ...:)